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5A By The Waterway

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landscape and building architecture at 5A Waterway

As with previous success stories at The Waterway and WHITE, 5A focuses purely on excellence. Office spaces will welcome the headquarters of both international and local businesses. Upscale brands will populate the shopping spaces, and the finest restaurants will make up the dining options at 5A. The result is an all-in-one recipe for distinction that will bring an international standard to the commercial sector in New Cairo.

Location of 5A By The Waterway in New Cairo

5A by The Waterway is situated in one of the most prime locations available in New Cairo. The development overlooks the Maadi Ring Road and benefits from a specially-built direct access, specifically for the use of 5A’s tenants and visitors. This unparalleled location means 5A is right at the crossroads of tradition and modernity, connected to New Cairo and the New Administrative Capital on one end, and Maadi, Zamalek, Downtown Cairo, and 6th of October on the other.

master plan 5A by The Waterway

Spread across eight buildings, all connected with sky bridges, 5A offers a design aesthetic which is focused on excellence and attention to the very finest details. All buildings feature high ceilings and are limited to four floors, ensuring a feeling of spaciousness and openness across the development. While the buildings make up the space usable for working, shopping, and dining, the positioning of each building within beautifully landscaped pathways and green open space is what makes 5A a truly world-class business park.

architecture design

5A’s architectural style is modern, with sleek, straight lines, large-scale glass facades allowing light to enter the buildings, and sky bridges bringing a sense of the outdoors into the development’s indoor buildings. The best architects, interior designers, and landscape consultants were all brought on board to ensure that 5A’s final design is unrivalled both aesthetically and in terms of comfort and convenience.

landscape design

5A’s office spaces have been formulated for a wide variety of business interests, allowing a mix of small companies and large corporations to reside in the same state-of-the-art commercial setting. When designing 5A, architects took into consideration every business need, understanding both the ergonomic and corporate needs of modern-day employees, and implemented their findings in the final outcome. The result is truly outstanding: an office space that allows businesses to work better, where employees are more satisfied, and where companies and clients can revel in the utmost comfort.

retail and dining at 5A Waterway

As well as world-class design, prime location, and the presence of every amenity, 5A will benefit from the very best mix of tenants, combining major corporate headquarters with top brands in both the retail and dining sectors. As a retail destination, 5A will provide a diversity capable of competing with top malls and shopping centers, but situated in a unique setting that mixes indoors and outdoors, and is incredibly accessible to all visitors.

aesthetic design at 5A by The Waterway

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real image from the site of 5A Waterway project
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